The challenge:

NOWTV want to increase brand awareness, especially around their differentiated offering with a service that is payable daily and has a dedicated viewing package. NOWTV operate in a hugely competitive market where a number of competitors are working on promotional activity, further increasing the challenge set to Cherry.

The solution:

In order for NOWTV partnerships to be successful, we identified that partner brands must have a natural fit with the NOWTV offering across the three packages; Sports, Entertainment and Movies. The customer journey must be simple and straight forward, in addition, all creative needs to clearly explain the offer and the benefit that NOW TV gives to potential customers.

To create propositions, campaigns and mini ‘events’ for hero content, overarching sync calendar and seasonal peaks
o Hero Content: focus on popular big ticket items to drive high interest and demand
o Sync: align content campaigns with high investment Sky campaigns
o Seasonal Moments: use key events in British calendar as a tactical springboard

To create overarching proposition for “hungry” and “interested” target audiences that deliver their unmet emotional needs
o For the “hungry target audience”, we drove their awareness of the superior content Now TV gave them access to with added flexibility and for better value (compared to Sky)
o For interested audiences, we reframed the customer’s value perspective in order to justify the (low) cost in exchange for superior content. Thus, transforming them into a “hungry” audience.

The result:

We are currently in partnership negotitations … watch this space!


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