The challenge:

How do you change customers shopping habits, get them to spend more and keep them coming back?

The solution:

By identifying the key moments leading up to the big holiday reveal – the three month countdown of diet, fitness, and health regimes – to the last minute quick fixes and pampering - we created an ambitious integrated campaign and communication plan, that would influence women’s decision-making and ultimately, drive preference and spend at Superdrug.

We created emotional connections through intelligently timed highly personalised and genuinely useful communications; we made it worthwhile with meaningful incentives motivating women to switch from their regular beauty retailer to Superdrug; and we leveraged high profile partners to raise awareness and deliver an integrated, credible and cost-effective campaign:, P&G Beauty, Cosmopolitan Magazine and WeightWatchers. We then wrapped this up in a sassy, sexy creative which cut through the clutter of a competitive market and promoted Superdrug as the essential summer beauty destination.

The result:

>Increased basket spend by 2.5 times
>£millions of incremental customer spend
>150,000 women signed up to the Superdrug database
>Drove preference and affinity for Superdrug
>And delivered an ROI: 5:1

“It does not often happen that you hear an idea which is just so good that it immediately transcends established strategy. This was one of those rare occasions and the results speak for themselves”

Gerry Murphy Marketing Director, Superdrug


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