We're passionate about partnerships

It's the heart and soul of what we do.

We believe in the power of people coming together and producing greater things than they could on their own.

We are regularly quoted in the industry and speak publicly about our field. And we'd like to share our thinking with you to illustrate best practice, explore ideas and theories, and generally inspire.

We have generated white papers, surveys and our own events, as well as drawn inspiring examples from the outside world. Enjoy and share them.

Partnerships Thinking

White Papers and Reviews

We commissioned this report to get to the bottom of what really influences women to buy a brand, what makes them tick, what marketers can do to connect with women.

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Surveys and Infographics

Our latest survey on what really influences women to buy a brand revealed 1 in 3 say a recommendation from someone they know is the most important influence.

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Cherry Jams

Our first event around marketing to women saw expert speakers from the Huffington Post, Sport England, Mio Skincare and Cherry London debate what marketers can do to engage women.

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Book Reviews

How superbrands create meaningful brand loyalty;’ a market review of three amazing brand partnerships: Topshop and Google+ for London Fashion Week, Movember and Gillette and Coke.

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Inspiration for brand partnerships


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